There are two ways of making a travel journal – the organised way, or my way!

Almost everybody who goes travelling takes a journal with them with the intention of documenting their day to day adventures. If you keep a diary at home then great, you’ll have no trouble with this, but if you’re anything like me and you struggle to write about your day to day life then you might find this task quite daunting. But fear not, there’s an easy solution! I’ve found that there are two ways of writing a travel journal: the conventional way where you write a log each day, or my way. To find out which you’re best suited to follow the map below!

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There are 2 very easy steps to my way of keeping a journal:

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  1. Buy yourself a small book with the genuine intention of keeping a diary whilst abroad.
  2. Ask every person who makes an impression on your trip to write a message in the back.

Before long you’ll be left with a record of all of your new found friends, their contact details (if they choose to leave them), a lovely personal message and an easy memory jog of where you were and who you were with, without ever picking up a pen yourself!

Of course, you can combine the two techniques as I do. Although I struggle to write things down each day whilst I’m travelling I find that when I have a quiet moment to myself I can sit down with a glass of wine (this is essential in my opinion!) and catch up on my journal logs, but you do run the risk of running so far behind that you begin to forget things. However, in my experience your memory is quickly jogged when you have a good think, especially when you have messages from the people you met along the road, even when you fall a year or more behind as I have!


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