Prague: A Weekend in the City

Prague is an incredible city full to the brim with beautiful architecture, stunning scenery and delicious beer! Here are my must-dos for a weekend there:

Old Town Square / Astronomer’s Clock

Head into the middle of Old Prague and check out the town square – the buildings surrounding the square are all beautifully decorated and brightly coloured and the square is always full of street performers. You can grab an al-fresco lunch for a reasonable price right on the square. Be sure to watch the hour change on the Astronomer’s Clock, but be warned, it’s known as the 2nd most disappointing tourist attraction in the World! If you have time, climb to the top of the clock tower to get incredible views of the city. Oh and you 100% have to try the Trdlnik (rolled pastries) being sold on on the square!

The 2nd Most Disappointing Tourist Attraction in the World, but still worth a visit.
Astronomer’s Clock
Street Performers in the Old Town Square
Street Performers










One street artist was making bubbles for children and adults alike
Street artist making bubbles
View from the Tower
View from the Tower








Charles Bridge

Next you should head to Charles Bridge, a very short walk from the Old Town Square in the centre of Prague. The bridge connects the north and south of the city and is always full of street vendors and artists offering good-value caricatures with a backdrop of Prague. There are also several statues along the bridge which can bestow good luck if you rub them!

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Lenin Wall

On the other side of the river to Prague’s Old Town Square you can find the Lennon Wall – a wall which the people of Prague have long used to express themselves. It is a huge graffiti mural which anyone can contribute to and well worth you buying a spray-can to add your own mark!

Lenin Wall Prague
Lenin Wall Prague

David Cerny art

Prague features a number of sculptures around the city by David Cerny. He is well known for slightly bizarre pieces including huge babies climbing the television tower, a king riding a horse upside-down and much more besides. These faceless babies can be found just across the Charles Bridge.

Faceless Babies by David Cerny
David Cerny Upside Down Horse
David Cerny Upside Down Horse











St. Vitus Cathedral

The Cathedral is the dominant feature of the Prague skyline and is well worth a visit if you don’t mind climbing the hill! (If you do this after a night out I would recommend the tram!). The Cathedral is the central feature of Prague Castle which sports incredible views of the city.


My recommendation for food is ‘Lokal‘, a small chain that serves traditional Czech food, including Goulash and Dumplings served with beer – quite possibly the best thing about Prague! If you need drunk food then Burrito Loco opposite M1 is always a good move and close to all of the main bars. The kebab shop across the road from Karlovy Lazne isn’t half bad either!

Nights Out

And if you fancy a night on the town, there’s an awesome bar serving hundreds of different beers called The Beer Museum – the perfect way to start your night in Prague! Then you have the choice of a few different venues:

James Dean – popular with tourists and locals alike

Chapeau Rouge – a nice bar with a cool vibe and dancing rooms downstairs

Fashion – a more upmarket club somewhat marred by the older mafia-esque crowd, but fun all the same if you want a more chic night out

M1 – a club which is very popular with american tourists

The 5 Story Club (Karlovy Lazne) – this place is probably one to avoid unless you need to tick it off a list of some sort – it’s pretty grimy.

(don’t wear anything too nice in any of the bars/clubs as smoking inside is legal in Prague, and you don’t want all of your nicest clothes to stink of smoke!)



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